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Steev Cole

Steev brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in coaching, training and facilitation with over 20 years experience in learning and development.

Having worked across a variety of organisations and industries, Steev has the ability to adapt his style to create the ‘best fit’ for an organisational culture.  Additionally, his high quality diagnosis skills enable him to both capitalise on the strengths of an individual and coach to correct skills gaps.   He has an in-depth understanding of how he can assist others to break through barriers to achieve excellent outcomes by drawing down on his expertise in managing others through organisational change. 

As an accredited coach of coaches with the Institute of Executive Coaches and experienced facilitator Steev has worked with the full breadth of staff roles, from senior management to frontline and across different geographies.  He has experience working cross-culturally with particular expertise in Asia and the UK. 

Steev has worked in both large and small organisations and have extensive industry knowledge in the financial services and airline industries. 

With a strong belief in self development Steev is constantly upskilling and training to ensure he is giving the best of himself in all endeavours.  As part of the full-time design and development team, Steev stays up to date with training trends and has an integral role in the development of new MFG programs.