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Steve Yacovelli

Steve Yacovelli

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A highly experienced facilitator, a world-class instructional designer, a professor, an author and a pioneer in development of e-learning, Steve brings a multitude of well-developed talents to the training room. 

His focus on skills development within the context of larger business objectives is vital in today’s corporate learning environment.  However, it’s Steve’s ability to achieve this without losing sight of individuals’ learning needs that is the greatest testament to his excellence as a facilitator.

With extensive experience in communication skills, leadership, change management and organizational development, it’s little wonder Steve is one of our busiest and most popular trainers.  He has worked with a broad range of clients, including some of the world’s most iconic brands:  Disney, IBM, KPMG, Tupperware and many more.  

Steve holds an undergraduate degree in Public Relations, a Masters in Educational Policy and Leadership Development, and a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education.   He is also certified in a number of training and psychometric diagnostic tools.